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 VS800 MPG

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PostSubject: VS800 MPG   Fri Jun 05, 2015 6:41 pm

So last weekend I emptied the tank.. And filled it up with 8.2 Litres £9.90 (Texaco I was stuck for choice) Set the clock and went on reserve this evening at 85 Miles.. seemed a little low MPG. 

I've go those Jardine slash cuts which might make a difference and my riding style can be a bit on the aggressive side, that and I did see how fast it went down the M25 (I was surprised it wasn't as quick top end as I thought it would be. In fact just a bit quicker than my thumper although not as strained and I could have pushed it a bit more)

Is that about average MPG or do I just ride like a complete idiot?

thanks Skid

Oh how much reserve do I get..? judging by what I've seen about 5 minutes
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PostSubject: Re: VS800 MPG   Fri Jun 05, 2015 7:39 pm

Hi Skidoo, 8.2 Litre's is 1.82 Gallons so you've returned 46.70 Miles per Gallon, Not bad considering you ragged it down the M25 and your riding style is Aggressive    What's the capacity of the VS tank?
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PostSubject: Re: VS800 MPG   Fri Jun 05, 2015 8:03 pm

Ah ok.. 

No idea Simbo.. I've read 2.7 Gallons on average.. so that'll be 12 Litres give or take..

12-8.2=3.8 litres left in the tank.. (0.8 gallons)


So that gives me a 37 Mile reserve... I think...

I was crap a Maths.. It didn't feel like I had a 37 Mile reserve range.

My daily riding routes are mostly A roads and the odd by-pass so plenty of opportunity to use that torque I have and wizz through the traffic..

Thanks Simbo.. I guess I need to be a little more easy on the throttle..
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PostSubject: Re: VS800 MPG   

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