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 Help - no electrical power from battery

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PostSubject: Help - no electrical power from battery   Thu Jun 01, 2017 1:09 pm

My Suzuki VS800 Intruder bike stalled on the road without any electrical power. i.e. turn ignition key ON and yes, kill switch is on but no signal lights, headight or indicators on the dashboard.

I have done the following tests with multimeters and still no electrical power: Please advise:
Here are the test results:
1) ~11.80v measured at the battery terminal
2) ~11.80v measured at "main feed to Start Relay" wiring
3) ~12.90 v measured at the battery terminal with trickle charge on
4) ~12.90 v measured at the main feed to Start Relay wiring
5) all fuses are good. visually checked also continuity checked with multimeter.
6) continuity checked on the blackbox - not sure what this blackbox is
Still no electrical power! Still no electrical power, even the trickle charger was connected directly to the "main feed to Start Relay" wiring...
ANY ADVICE is appreciated.
Note: With the previous weak battery, bike still had electrical power (lights on, and engine could crank...). This  battery was installed last summer and yet no electrical power at all.
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PostSubject: Re: Help - no electrical power from battery   Thu Jun 01, 2017 10:14 pm

Sounds like your battery is 'dud' if its only showing 11.8v.
When you put it on load the voltage might drop much lower making it seem like 'no power'
Are dash lights on ? (Oil light etc.) .... if so do they dim when you try to crank the motor over ?

It could be your starter solenoid has stuck, preventing the engine from turning over.
If so you could short out the main terminals on the solenoid to see if that will cause the engine to turn over. If so go get a new solenoid. The 'shorting out' is only a 'test' & not a fix !

As for battery, I guess the bike has been laid up over winter - have you charged the battery over winter. They will self discharge over time & low temperatures don't help. You should check voltage at least every month & do a top up charge if its getting low & before it drops under 12v. A battery should always show over 12v, if not it needs charging. If you don't do that the battery will hold under 12v, but will deteriorate.  

Do you have a 'slave' battery you could substitute to see if it solves your problem ?
Could chance jump leads from another bike/small car.

Bike batteries tend to be less resilient than car batteries, & usually when they start playing up it is a sign they are close to 'end of life' & if reliability is important, then its best to change your battery.

Hope that may give you some useful things to test/try out.
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PostSubject: Re: Help - no electrical power from battery   Sun Jun 04, 2017 5:45 pm

Without the intention of stepping on your toes Yam, the proper method(or term) is to "jump" the terminals. Shorts are bad.
I'm not sure about the VS, but my VZ solenoid connector had melted, causing power issues to the key operated accessories. Similar to this pic.

My solution was a new solenoid, and a new pigtail.
Starter Solenoid Connector Pigtail
Starter Solenoid VZ800
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PostSubject: Re: Help - no electrical power from battery   

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Help - no electrical power from battery
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