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 Avon Cobra Chrome tyres

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Avon Cobra Chrome tyres Empty
PostSubject: Avon Cobra Chrome tyres   Avon Cobra Chrome tyres Icon_minitimeThu Aug 08, 2019 6:58 pm

My C800 is coming up to 15000 miles on the stock IRC tyres and I'm going to change them in September. There is still 2.5mm on the front and loads on the rear so I'm not in a rush.

I had sort of made a decision to try Avon Cobra's for a change but when I start to look around, the Cobra's are no longer available and have been replaced with the Cobra Chrome's. At first I thought it was mainly cosmetic changes but it is quite a big change. Construction is different and tread pattern has changed, with noticeably less tread on the Chrome's. I was comparing them with the old Cobra's, Pirelli Night Dragons, Michelin Commander 2, Metzeler Marathon Ultra ME888 and Bridgestone E Max. I admit that I may be overthinkig the issue, but I emailed Avon to ask them why less tread gave better wet weather performance. Got a very non commital answer telling me they were wonderful and what sizes I needed! Not impressed with that!

I did find a nice article on the Continental Tyres website, called "Tyre Tech Talk", which was published in 6 articles in Ride Magazine, that explains the relationship between tread depth, tread pattern,dry and wet performance and longevity/wear rate. Worth a read and alleviated some of the anxiety!

These Chromes have only been on sale since Jan 2019 and I can't find much information about the performance in the real world. Has anybody fitted them recently and, if so, how good are they in the wet? Most good quality tyres perform ok in the dry and I'm not too bothered about longevity.

I have read through all the tyre threads here a couple of times, and I picked up Peters' remark (off topic!) in the "Post Counter" thread. Not sure if that was referring to the Chrome's or the previous Cobra.

I will probably go with the Chromes but it would be nice to have more information.

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Avon Cobra Chrome tyres
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