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A UK Site Dedicated To The Suzuki C800, VL800, VX800, M800, VZ800, VS800, C50, M50 Model Intruder / Boulevard / Marauder
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 Oil Confusion

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PostSubject: Oil Confusion   Oil Confusion Icon_minitimeSun Aug 10, 2014 8:36 am

About to service my VX800 and was having a look round for some oil, found some Shell Advance 4T AX7 10w40 Semi Synthetic Motorcycle Engine Oil for £23 (ebay)
Decent make and a good price, fantastic. So I decide to have a look at Shells blurb on the oil on their website, the oil is not listed under motorbikes, it’s listed under Scooters?? But the brochure for the oil says:

Oil Confusion AbeyoZTW

So I then decide to have a go at using their 'LubeMatch' and put my bike details in and it lists the AX7 oil for my bike??

Anyone used the oil, I know a lot of people will just say oil is oil, but it's Shell, its motorbike oil, its 10w40 and its for 4strokes, it’s got to be OK!!

I have also thought about putting some engine flush in before I change the oil (Wurth Motorcycle Engine Flush) to help clean any crap out, any thoughts?

I know, stop worrying and start riding!!
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captain crash
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PostSubject: Re: Oil Confusion   Oil Confusion Icon_minitimeSun Aug 10, 2014 9:48 am

Its always a good idea to put in an engine flush before changing the oils, even when using the same type of oil that you have been using let alone a different one. 
I think it sound well good and what a great price, I just typed in shell ax7 and found this-

Enhances performance of standard motorcycles, underbones and mopeds

Shell Advance AX7 is an ideal oil for high-performance motorbikes. Even under stressful conditions, it helps ensure that your engine delivers high power and torque, improving control and comfort and enhancing the excitement and comfort of your ride.

It provides advanced control with smoother gear changes, and a quieter ride thanks to reduced noise and vibration. The excellent oil-performance reliability helps to protect and clean your engine and prolong its life.

Key features of Shell Advance AX7:

  • Excellent shear stability – to dampen vibration and reduce noise.
  • Proven friction control – for smoother clutch engagement and gear changes.
  • Proven protection against valve train wear.
  • Removal of sludge and engine deposits.
  • Special formula keeps oil in-grade for longer.
  • Shell Advance's R.C.E* Technology helps your bike perform to its peak potential and respond to your slightest touch.

*RCE = Reliability of oil-performance, Control, Enjoyable ride.
Available in viscosity grades: SAE J 300 10W-30, 10W-40 and 15W-50. All formulations meet: API SL and JASO MA2.
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PostSubject: Re: Oil Confusion   Oil Confusion Icon_minitimeSun Aug 10, 2014 10:40 am

Hi Andrew,

You should be fine with that Shell AX7 oil for your VX (or any other Suzuki 800).
As you identify, it is a semi synthetic oil, and it is rated for motorcycle use - supported by the JASO MA2 rating which identifies it as being suitable for wet clutches.
I have been using a very similar oil from Silkolene in my VX & have not had any problems with it (Again found at a good price).

I like the sales blurb .... & wondered if I could use it to oil some of my 'other parts' if it provides an 'enjoyable ride !' ....
...... Yeah BABY !!!!  hbb  Oil Confusion 2343124779  Oil Confusion 3213823784  hyst  Oil Confusion 2740622253 

Opinion may be divided on the use of engine oil flush. I personally do not use it. But I always take the bike for at least a 15-20mile run prior to changing the oil. It is important to get the oil properly warmed up as it helps to get the contaminants into the flowing oil and therefore out of the engine when you drain the oil. You do have to take precautions to prevent 'burns' from the oil when you undo the sump plug - but a bit of care and you can mange fine (even without gloves).
I'm not saying you shouldn't use engine flush, I just believe it is less necessary that proper/frequent oil changes. I'd rather spend money on new oil than flushing lotion !

Now - I'm not sure how many people are aware of the 'health & safety' issues surrounding oil changes, besides the risk of oil burns, it is recognised that used engine oil is a carcinogen (Can cause cancer - skin cancer type conditions I believe). For the last ten years or so it has been recognised practice for mechanics to wear at least disposable gloves whilst changing engine oil.
I am a typical miscreant and do not tend to use gloves - but I normally apply barrier cream before doing work on the bike or car. This is largely because I still have a supply of barrier cream from when I did GRP lamination work ! ... I do have a box of disposable gloves somewhere ... but I seem to give more of them away to other people than use them myself - this is a 'learning point' for me - I should do better. I thought it worth sharing - but I do 'my own thing'  anyway -rather than follow the rules, as I guess most of us do.

One thing I picked up recently that was on offer at a motor-factors was a low profile oil drainer pan.

Oil Confusion $(KGrHqVHJFIFIuP(1dDcBSNq8Plh8g~~60_12

This replaces the 'home-made' 5-litre poly can that I've been using for the past 30-40 years.
I liked the 'low profile' which will be useful for some cars I have worked on .... also a nice funnel to catch the waste oil, and the container can be sealed & used to take the waste down to the local amenities site (You could decant it back into an old oil container is you wish to 're-use it .... like those Yorkshiremen that paint their garden fences with it !!!!! )
This was an impulsive 'treat', but I am pleased with it & it is great for servicing the 'VX'.  

Hope that helps some of you
 ..... &  I like the new layout Dave ... oyili  lgd  Thanks again to Dave for his continued work in further enhancing a great forum site  wagg  Oil Confusion 433968 
 Oil Confusion 3005623951  Yam
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captain crash
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captain crash

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PostSubject: Re: Oil Confusion   Oil Confusion Icon_minitimeSun Aug 10, 2014 4:15 pm

Mr Intruder (Dave) will probably give me a kicking for saying this publicly but he sometimes puts diesel in an oil emptied engine and runs it for a minute or so before emptying it and putting in fresh oil. I think he only does that with cars tho

 Oil Confusion 804997  Dave  hyst
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PostSubject: Re: Oil Confusion   Oil Confusion Icon_minitimeSun Aug 10, 2014 4:56 pm

No need to be sorry Crash, Diesel was often used many years ago as a cheap engine flush. If it ain't broke why fix it, that fact of the matter is it work. Saying that though I have only ever used it on cars as you say.

I agree with Yam & never use engine flush on bikes. If the bike has reasonable amount of miles between services, it just seems unnecessary to me. I also use silkolene oil in my road bikes, I know cheaper can be bought that may be of a similar quality but I am a creature of habit. So although the oil mentioned may be excellent, I only use Silkolene Comp 4 fully synthetic that is an ester based oil which I think is important.
Each to their own though but as already said I am a creature of habit but that does seem like a great deal Andrew  Oil Confusion 3498837457
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PostSubject: Re: Oil Confusion   Oil Confusion Icon_minitime

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Oil Confusion
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